Marketing Methods Competition

2019 Marketing Methods Competition

Competition Entry Form Deadline: April 15th     •    Online Entry Submission Deadline: April 30th


2018 Competition Winners

This annual competition recognizes outstanding achievement in marketing among PIMA members. Gold, Silver, Bronze Awards, are based on a minimum point threshold. Judging is based upon Results first, for most categories, (50%) and then Marketing Strategy (25%), Creative Execution (25%). (The exception is for “New Media” where creativity and marketing strategy will receive more points. All Gold award winners are automatically entered into consideration for the annual Best of PIMA Award. Entries will be displayed at the MidYear Meeting where awards, including the Judges Choice and Best of PIMA, are announced. See below for categories & complete entry information.


Online submission process opens in 2019!

1. Click on the "Complete my Entry Form" button below and fill out the 2018 Marketing Method Competition Entry Form.

2. Upon completion of the Entry form, you will be taken to the PIMA member login page to submit your payment (please note: entry form and payment must be received by Monday, April 16). You will then be directed to a list of options - click on the MMC button to continue.

3. Once you have submitted your payment, you will receive two emails - one will be a receipt of your payment for your records and the second email will include a link to our online system to upload your Marketing Campaigns (due by April 30).



2018 Competition Winners

2018 Judges:

Kelly Abeles of Prudential; Fred Hron of Forrest T. Jones & Company, Inc.; and Patrice Nolan of Competiscan


Entry Categories & Descriptions

  1. Mail Solicitation for Guaranteed-Issue/Simplified-Issue Product

  2. Mail Solicitation for Underwritten Product

  3. Single Channel Campaign

  4. Customer Cross-sell and Upgrade Marketing

  5. Lead Generation

  6. Conservation/Retention

  7. E-Commerce Website

  8. Self Promotion – Agency Members

  9. Self Promotion – Company Members/Business Partners

  10. Other Media

  11. New Media


Example Competition Form

PIMA 2018 MMC Results Worksheet