About PIMA

Our Vision Statement

Where Affinity Business Grows

Our Mission Statement

PIMA connects and empowers the leaders in the affinity benefits industry to thrive in a dynamic marketplace.

Our Industry

The affinity direct marketing business continues to thrive. Two recent PIMA Affinity Marketplace Surveys quantified members’ base business at close to $16 billion—of a $60 billion industry—and growing.

Our Guiding Principles & Value Proposition

PIMA’s leadership is committed to:

  • Creating an environment for education and relationship building

  • Fostering commerce in the affinity market

  • Engaging thought leaders to shape and propel business growth

  • Serving as an informed advocate on legislative and regulatory issues.

Our Membership

An accessible community of more than 120 organizations & C-level management, working together to design the future & grow affinity channel revenue. Join PIMA.


What Members Say About PIMA

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PIMA’s 30th Anniversary Booklet (2004) recounts the origins & growth of our industry niche.