About PIMA

Our Vision Statement

Where Affinity Business Grows

Our Mission Statement

PIMA connects and empowers the leaders in the affinity benefits industry to thrive in a dynamic marketplace.

Our Industry

The affinity direct marketing business continues to thrive. Two recent PIMA Affinity Marketplace Surveys quantified members’ base business at close to $16 billion—of a $60 billion industry—and growing.

Our Guiding Principles & Value Proposition

PIMA’s leadership is committed to:

  • Creating an environment for education and relationship building

  • Fostering commerce in the affinity market

  • Engaging thought leaders to shape and propel business growth

  • Serving as an informed advocate on legislative and regulatory issues.

Our Membership

An accessible community of more than 120 organizations & C-level management, working together to design the future & grow affinity channel revenue. Join PIMA.

What Members Say About PIMA

Provided courtesy of Genius Avenue, Gold Award winner in PIMA's 40th Anniversary Marketing Methods Competition.

PIMA’s 30th Anniversary Booklet (2004) recounts the origins & growth of our industry niche. Take a look at this introductory video prepared in 1989 for PIMA's 15th Anniversary.